Illustrations - SG

Medium: Digital
Software: Photoshop, Coral Painter IX


Medium: Pencil on Paper
Pencil: 8B Lumograph


May the balloons from rowdy bikers miss you every time, may there's no hangover from bhaang, may the Grease and Silver washes off smoothly, may you look fresh as New the next day. Happy Holi

Sketchual Craving

Watching an old 1970's Hindi Movie the other day, remembered how Actresses used to look amazingly beautiful in those long huge Wigs decorated with flowers, thick Mascara that made their eyes look like lotus petals. A sun kissed look on the face, with probably a mole on the cheek or 3 on the chin with an arm band. Just made me wanna make a quick sketch. There are mannikins like these still standing in front of shops in my hometown.


Finally, without further delay, Announcing 'the animation garage' Website.You'll see some of the new stuff as well as old, we'll keep updating. Do visit, your feedback is most welcome.

Many thanks to my dear friend Divya Sud Qureshi and HYPER, for putting up with my eccentricities :)