The Animation Garage is First of it’s kind dedicated Experimental & Stop-motion Animation Studio in India. Envisioned in 2004, it took 5 years, 3 jobs, 40263 cups of teas, observing Indian Animation Market Trends, Survival of Studios on Outsourced projects, Tall claims of IP Creations where ‘IP’ was missing, depart from genuine creativity and advent of ‘Bol-Bachchans’ was fuel enough to inspire to make into a realization. The Animation Garage came into being in May 2009. Brainchild of Prominent Animation/Creative Director Virender Singh Rathore, popularly known as Veeru among his peers with the purpose of creating and providing services to clients with abundance of creativity and imagination without boundaries.

Being the only dedicated experimental animation studio, the animation garage is set to revolutionize the very foundation of animation and the way it is perceived in India. Specially dedicated to cater the domestic advertising needs and to produce breathtaking, innovative and never before seen animation styles. We believe that every film is a work of art, and like art, every film should have a unique texture, look and feel. Hence be it 3D, 2D, Clay Animation, Paint Animation, Sand Animation, Pixilation and so on, have immense malleable potential and can be developed further to produce never before seen visuals. We believe in creating Iconic characters and styles to suit particular storytelling. The Animation Garage, is exactly what it says it is, it's a garage for creative minds to play and come up with innovative ideas.

TAG wish to Organize periodic workshops to Educate Animators about different Animation Styles, and also one on one workshops with Agency Creatives demonstrating them the potential of Stop-motion and encourage them to come with out of the box ideas.

Watch out this space for Advanced Stop-motion Film Making Workshop Announcement.


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